Teacher of English

Do you wish to change children’s lives through education? Do you aspire to use modern educational techniques for better results? Do you live English 24/7 and would like to share your knowledge with best students?

We invite experienced, creative, purposeful and dedicated teachers to join educational project of successful Ukrainian-International company. ZNO.UA project is a part of educational company www.mbastrategy.ua

  • Requirements:
    • HIGHER linguistic education;
    • EXPERIENCE in teaching English;
    • Vast experience in preparation for ZNO tests;
    • Living in Kyiv
  • Also very important:
    • INNOVATIVE approach to work;
    • HUGE desire to share your experience;
    • GREED for personal development
  • Responsibilities:
    • DEVELOPMENT of educational programs using up-to-date techniques and technologies;
    • TEACHING English and preparation for ZNO testing;
    • CHECKING of home tasks;
    • CONTROL of learning process
Teacher of

If you have required experience, if you are convinced that teaching is your mission in life and you want to raise the level of education in Ukraine, then send your resume to bondarnexus@gmail.com, we definitely have to get to know each other!

!!!Don’t forget to mention ZNO.Ukraine in the topic of your letter and write a bit about yourself.

We are waiting for you!

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